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Thread: FSU Film - Need Pre-1968 Cars

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    Default FSU Film - Need Pre-1968 Cars

    Hello everyone,

    Hopefully this is the right section of the forum to post in. I have barely had time to do anything car related so I'm excited to post here for one of our Florida State University Master Thesis Films. We're looking for cars anything pre-1968 for an up and coming film about Martin Luther King. The film is called "Mama I Wanna March" and is a memoir of the Director's father's experience with MLK in Tennessee. We need your help finding historically accurate cars for filming next week. If you or anyone you know could possibly interested, please have them contact the Producer Matt Robinson (info on the picture) or myself Jake @850-543-9973

    Thank you Tallyimports!

    P.S. There won't be any explosions.
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    Check with these guys if you haven't already: http://tallahasseestreetrodders.com/?page_id=18
    There were some very technical areas that looked simple enough, but if you drove them wrong, they'd kick you in the nuts, take your lunch money, and screw your sister.


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